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Mouthguard product

Brandtek is committed to providing athletes with the best possible protection on the market. Which is why we have partnered with Guard. Guard is designed to fit your teeth like a glove, ensuring maximum comfort and protection. Completed 100% customization of team colors and logos, you can show off your team spirit while staying safe. To make your mouthguard truly unique, we even offer the option to put your name and number on it. Guards mouthguards offer the same quality as dentist-made guards without breaking your budget.

Featured Benefits

Customize colors, jersey number, name and team motto. Upload your team logo and more.

Express Yourself

No more boil and bite. Custom fit made from a scan of your teeth.

Perfect Fit

Speak and breath more comfortably and perform at your best.

Speak Easy

Made of the highest-quality materials. BPA Free.


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