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Our commitment to player wellness is at the forefront of everything we do at Brandtek. Our products are designed to provide the best possible protection to those who play sports and provide peace of mind to their families and coaches. Our partnership with Q-Collar ensures that we are using the latest technology to develop solutions that are both effective and comfortable so that athletes can focus on the game and not on their equipment.

The Science

Because the brain floats inside the skull, it moves – sometimes with great force – when the head is exposed to an impact. By applying light pressure to the sides of the neck, the Q-Collar increases blood volume in the brain’s venous structures, reducing the harmful internal movement that causes brain injury. 

The Q-Collar is a noninvasive solution to brain protection, and there have been no negative effects reported relating to wearing it. It may even help you perform at your optimum.

The How

The inventors of the Q-Collar and Q30 Innovations–with a team of leaders in sports medicine and biomedical engineering–took a fresh look at brain protection by designing an innovative solution that relies on the body’s physiology to protect the brain from within.

Initial research revealed that jugular vein compression can reduce damage to brain neurons and axons (key indicators of brain injury) by over 80%.

Years of laboratory and clinical testing revealed that jugular vein compression can protect the brain in a way no external protection could.

Q Collar Background 

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